Reviews and Praise

Bewitching Kitchen:
“I often skip introductory chapters in cookbooks because I find them for the most part quite boring. For instance, cookbooks that start with “equipment needed”, “ingredients”, or “useful gadgets” just make me roll my eyes to the ceiling and skip those pages without feeling guilty. Not the case in this book. I savored each paragraph and could not put the book down.  The photos in the introduction are spectacular, and that quality is maintained throughout the whole book, almost every single recipe has a photo that goes along with it.”

Gourmantic: “From starters such as Almond-stuffed Dates with Bacon to healthy salads such as the Winter Kale and Quinoa Salad with Carrots and Raisins, and on to dishes from the Land and seas with Lamb Tagine and Catalan Fish Stew with Chorizo, Fennel, and Almond Picada, there is something to tempt you and rethink the use of almonds beyond sweets. This book is not just for nut fans. The quasi quarto book format makes it a coffee table item and the juxtaposition of modern food photography with art reproductions give the book an artistic flair that appeals to collectors.”

Cookbooks 365 shared our Bucatini with Pesto Trapanese and had some good advice: “The pesto’s sweet and bright flavor requires the freshest of ingredients. Choose sweet tomatoes at the height of their season.”

From down under, What’s on the List:

“I liked how almond paste, almond oil, almond butter, almond milk and almond extracts were covered; what they are made from, their uses and almond “hints and tips” – very useful indeed! I enjoyed how the cookbook took me on a history lesson of almonds but also how the author Barbara shares her personal story of when she first fell in love with almonds.”


Bucatini with Pesto

Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things:

“Let’s focus on the best part of this delicious little book! Among the 60 or more recipes there are starters and snacks; salads and vegetables; meals featuring pasta and grains; meat and fish dishes in ‘land and sea’; and of course, baked goods and desserts. Totally yummy! My favourites? If I must choose, then perhaps the almond semifreddo and port wine poached figs with almond praline (pictured below). Um, no…  perhaps the chocolate almond bark with raisins and chilli! Or maybe the pear and almond frangipane tart? Or the florentines? Or the chocolate-amaretto torte! Honestly, there are so many beautiful recipes to cook from here. This is definitely a cookbook to add to your collection…and savour!”

Wine With a Twist:

“This lovely and unique book about almonds contains cultural history, recipes, nutritional information and gorgeous photographs. It is a cookbook, coffee table book, culinary history, and around-the-world tour of the cultures that incorporate almonds in a meaningful way.”

A Veggie Venture:

“If you like hyper-focused cookbooks (I really do, you learn so much!) this one is definitely worth a look. The recipes are very do-able, call for fresh “real food” and accessible ingredients and don’t weigh (ha!) toward the sweet side.”